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  • November 27 2007
    We are now open Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm.
    Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, Closed Sundays.
  • April 5 2007
    Postal & Print Center
    Now Located in the cafe providing
    Shipping, Copies, Fax, Notary Services
    Come in and see the difference.
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  JavaWireless Network

What is JavaWireless?
Wireless ethernet provides internet access to mobile computers, PDAs and desktops without connection cables. Instead, it uses radio communication between the computer and access points. There are several versions of wireless ethernet in use today. JavaWireless ethernet is based on the IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g.

How fast is it?
The IEEE 802.11b standard has a nominal speed of 11 megabits per second (Mbps), IEEE 802.11g - up to 54 Mbps. However, depending on signal quality and how many other people are using the wireless ethernet through a particular Access Point, usable speed will be less (on the order of 7 or 8 Mbps, which is still substantially faster than most dialup connections, and faster than most DSL and cable modem connections). To put that into perspective, wired 10BaseT ethernet is a full 10 Mbps, and a 56K modem connection is .056 Mbps.

Is it secure?
Wireless Ethernet is insecure by default. JavaWireless Network is secured by WEP encryption, however users are advised to use SSL to connect to web pages and mail hosts, SSH instead of telnet whenever possible, and VPNs (virtual private networks) for all other data to ensure privacy and security.

What are the settings to use JavaWireless?
The default settings are an SSID/Network name "javabytecafe", and to use DHCP to obtain an IP address. Then just open your web browser and you will be asked for Login and Password.

How much is this cost?
We have three kinds of nonlimited accounts:
1. WirelessDay (24 hours) $9.99
2. WirelessWeek (7 days) $19.99
3. WirelessMonth (30 days) $39.99
A setup fee is $5 (one time fee).

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